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                                             Experience parents  Package  ($850)

  • Consultation to meet with you and partner to see if you and me the doula feel a strong connection and a perfect match.

  • Phone call assistance 24/7

  • Create a birth plan that is best suitable for your childbirth.

  • 4 prenatal visits in your home to meet family, any other support person (Approx 2 hrs each)

  • Possible more visits depending on the timing of birth

  • Internet and handout information

  • Full attendance of your labor and delivery and support after 

  • 2 postpartum visit in your home (Approx 2 hours each) to offer resources and support

  • Secondary backup doula in the unlikely event that your primary doula is attending another birth.    



                                                First time parents  Package  ($1150)

  • We will be going over early comfort measures so that when labor does start, you feel confident about what you are feeling, and make the right choice for when to head to the hospital or birth center. 

  • 5 prenatal visits in your home

  • out 5 visits there is two postpartum 

  • 24/27 text/call 

  • the audience at birth plus two after for support 

  • We will be talking about labor, how to incorporate your senses into your comfort measures, and even demonstrating comfort measures that you and your partner can use during early and active labor. 

  • We will also spend a good amount of time talking about the postpartum plan. While we are working with you for birth support, we want you to feel as prepared as possible to bring home a new baby!



Daytime Support $29 / hour (minimum 4-hour shifts Overnight Support $34 / hour (minimum 10-hour shift) Please contact to discuss creating packages that meet your unique needs. 

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