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                                             Prenatal Visits 

This second appointment is your partner’s time to shine! We will be going over early comfort measures so that when labor does start, you feel confident about what you are feeling, and make the right choice for you of when to head to the hospital or birth center. 

We will be talking about labor, how to incorporate your senses into your comfort measures, and even demonstrating comfort measures that you and your partner can use during early and active labor. So this is a very active, engaging appointment!

We will also spend a good amount of time talking about the postpartum plan. While we are working with you for birth support, we want you to feel as prepared as possible to bring home a new baby!

As a Doula, I  Do Not:

Professional Information 

My intentions as the doula are not to replace the father or co-parent during the labor and delivery process. Instead, I will complement and support him and others present for the birth, as well. After the birth, I will assist with first feedings and bonding efforts if needed. I can also work with mothers postpartum to facilitate healing and consult throughout the often-complicated breastfeeding process

Perform any clinical tasks

AS Doulas we are not medical professionals, and the following tasks are not performed by doulas: They do not perform clinical tasks such as vaginal exams or fetal heart monitoring. They do not give medical advice or diagnose conditions.


Make decisions for you 

Doulas are non-medical professionals, and I will never make decisions or speak, for you. In fact, birth and postnatal satisfaction is so tied to our autonomy and sense of control, that your support team may advise, but should not decide anything for you

Speak to the staff on your behalf

Me as your doula will help you navigate the system and will help to best vocalize your needs to your care providers.  I can remind you of choices you’ve expressed wanting to make prior to labour when interventions or medical assistance is suggested.  I cannot decide for you whether or not to accept a treatment, or talk to your care team on your behalf.  I will maintain a good, mutually respectful, relationship with your medical staff so that everyone in the room can focus on you and your growing family – allowing you the best chance at the birth you envisioned.

During labor 

During labor, I give emotional and physical support to the mother. to ensures that mom gets enough water/fluids and employs pain and stress relief measures like heat or cold therapy. I also coach the mother through pain, using coping skills like visualization, relaxing touch and breathing techniques. I can also suggest position changes that help the laboring mother-to-be handle the discomfort and progress in labor

Baby’s first feeding Support 

Once the baby arrives, I would promote demand breastfeeding by assisting and observing mom and baby. First, help mom recognize baby's feeding cues, and then encourage frequent skin-to-skin that regulates body temperature and helps baby seek out the nipple.

Postpartum follow-up visit 

As postpartum doula works with families in the postpartum period providing them with emotional, physical, and informational support. ... The doula can also demonstrate newborn care, assist with breastfeeding, provide care to older children, and be there to fill in the gaps as necessary.

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

I am looking forward to joining you on your journey of childbirth

I will never judge you on your decisions as it is your journey  am here for the support and to help you with your decisions 

Phone & Email Support 

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