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  • 1 Prenatal meeting                                     

  • 24/7 on-call availability                            

  • Virtual attendance at birth                     

  • 1 Postpartum follow-up                                  

  • Unlimited phone/ text/ email

  • Resources they might be needed 

  • Discuss services


All clients will still receive the education, handouts that an inperson doula would provide



  • Daytime Support $29 / hour (minimum 4-hour shifts Overnight Support $34 / hour (minimum 10-hour shift) Please contact to discuss creating packages that meet your unique needs. 

  • As a postpartum doula, I help new and experienced parents learn new skills or polish up the skills they already know and give them extra support 

Postpartum Doula

All these prices can be adjusted            for your needs 

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